After Storm; First Recovery, Then Continuity

business continuity and disaster recovery

Some of the best business advice articles have been published on the internet. If you are abreast of your own research and development (R & D) in terms of starting up your own business, and if you are particularly alert, observant and meticulous with your reading material, you will have noticed that any number of these online articles are timeless in the sense that they had already been conceptualized some years ago already.

Some of you would have thought that with all the new paradigms that new and established small to medium sized companies are having to deal with, many of these good advice stories would have become outdated. But no, they are not. In fact, you could call them timeless classics and of course the most resourceful startup blogs would have spent some time revising their work to bring it up to speed with above-said paradigms (think; internet revolution, robotics, cloud computing, and the like).

So; no regurgitation and copy and paste modules of little value. Nevertheless, one of the oldest bits of good advice has always been to purchase commercial business insurance for the upkeep of the business and to cover loss and/or damage if and when it occurs. But for many new businesses it has been quite tough and they have not been able to purchase adequate insurance covers.

Today, however, should disaster strike (think; storms, fires, malicious damage to property during thefts), these ‘poor’ businesses would have to rely on the charity and volunteerism behind the principles and practices of business continuity and disaster recovery programs regularly being utilized particularly in those areas most vulnerable to above-said ‘unforeseen circumstances’. Of course, well-structured businesses who can afford to manage their own capital expense projects will be able to buy into this essential service.